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[Publications Update] PAMIR-1 Proceedings published

We are happy to announce that the Proceedings of the 1st Pamir Transboundary Conference for Sustainable Societies have now been published by the publisher SCITEPress.

Those who have published in the PAMIR One conference can access the articles freely here: PAMIR ONE Proceedings

Next scheduled publications are for:

  1. AI4IoT

  2. The Second Pamir Transboundary Conference for Sustainable Societies- 2023

It was observed that majority of the authors of PAMIR and AI4IoT failed to use the SCITEPress templates properly in the word environment. Hence, the organizers and publisher had to spend bulk of the time on editing the templates and figures.

Taking into account the considerable time lost in paper formatting and the numerous rounds of revisions exchanged between the organizer and the publisher, the organizers have collectively resolved to handle the following tasks internally:

  1. Grammar sensitization

  2. Formatting

  3. Uploading to SCITEPress

For all forthcoming conferences published by SCITEPress, the VectMag team will undertake the aforementioned tasks. Authors only need to submit articles in a format-free manner.

Benefit of this step is that authors need not lose time on figuring out how to format the papers properly and the Organizers will be able to deliver work to the publisher in the expected format.

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