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Introducing TARS Plug and Play Rapid Embedded Systems Development Modules for Industry, Scientific, and Education

TARS Plug N Play- Atya Technologies Pvt LTD

We express our sincere gratitude to Atya Technologies for submitting the following article with us.

Anjana S, Hari Mohan, & Srinesh Thakur. (2024). Rapid Embedded Systems Prototyping Redefined: TARS Plug and Play Electronics for Industry, Scientific, and Education. SPAST Reports, 2(2).

This article marks the inception of the TARS Electronic board series, addressing the challenges inherent in Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems development. Traditional approaches often consume significant human-hours in addressing issues like breadboard errors, coding, and soldering during prototype realization. TARS plug-and-play electronic modules emerge as a transformative solution, minimizing time and effort while offering an ideal platform for micro and small-scale enterprises, students, and researchers. Featuring the capability to integrate over fifty sensors and various electronic components, including HDMI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, this board transforms into a cluster of IoT systems, streamlining development processes and fostering innovation. Additionally, it serves as an excellent platform for skill development of the electronics engineering workforce, enhancing proficiency and expertise in emerging technologies.

This kit is designed as an ideal starting point for newcomers, featuring an Arduino-compatible board and an array of additional sensors seamlessly integrated into one PCB design. All modules are connected directly to the Starter Kit through PCB stamp holes. Additionally, the kit offers dedicated Wi-Fi integration capability. However, if preferred, modules can be detached and used with cables for more flexibility. With this Starter Kit, users can explore a variety of projects, from basic to advanced, guided through the fundamentals of using the Starter Kit with the Arduino IDE.


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