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Organizing Partners

CREP  is a multinational alliance and principal association that strives for innovation in all areas of technical advances across its broad verticals of Research and Development, Global Journals, Conferences, and Conference Support. We support for academicians' commitment to contributing their intellectual ideas to global growth. CREP has mainly concentrated on the regulatory implications of research. CREP, on the other hand, is committed to assisting scholars by conferences, journals seminars, workshops, training.

CREP insists that academics are the guardians of future technologies, so we have the ideal forum for research scholars to disseminate their scientific inventions around the globe. CREP is engaged in high-quality analysis that advances and informs scientific trends in the global research environment. The environmental principles and the betterment of mankind are a major concern for CREP. CREP would not support any advancement that has a negative impact on the climate.

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