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First International Conference on Humanities for Smart Societies 2023 (HMSS 23)

Online | 27nd and 28th May 2023 | Worldwide

Abstract Submission: 29th April 2023


30 April 2023

Full Length Article Submission:7th May 2023


15th June 2023

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The First International Conference on Humanities for Smart Societies 2023 (HMSS 23) is set to become a landmark event for the integration of diverse fields of study. This conference will bring together experts, students, academicians, and policy makers from various disciplines and regions onto a single virtual platform. HMSS 23 marks the beginning of a unique conference series that will provide a forum for collaboration and exchange of ideas among these diverse groups.

Goal of HMSS

The overarching goal of HMSS 23 is to create a large conclave of an international audience that will discuss and deliberate on various themes related to smart societies, such as sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation. The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to humanities and management, including education, arts, psychology, sociology, and law. By integrating these different fields of expertise, the conference will generate a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing smart societies, thus providing novel solutions and approaches.


Virtual and Inclusive Conference

The organizers of HMSS 23 have designed the conference to be entirely virtual, allowing participants from all over the world to attend from the comfort of their homes or offices. The virtual platform will provide a space for participants to interact with each other, engage in discussions and debates, and share their insights and experiences. The online format will enable attendees to access conference sessions, participate in interactive workshops, and network with other participants, regardless of their location. This format will also promote inclusivity, as attendees will not be restricted by travel costs or visa requirements.


Promotion of Cross Disciplinary Collaboration

HMSS 23 is a unique conference series that aims to bring together diverse perspectives to address the challenges of smart societies. The conference will enable cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing, providing a platform for innovative and sustainable solutions. The virtual format of the conference makes it more accessible and inclusive, inviting participation from a broad range of individuals and organizations. As the first of its kind, HMSS 23 marks the beginning of a new era in the integration of humanities , creating a community of experts and scholars dedicated to advancing the development of smart societies.

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