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VectMag conference series is virtual conference platform. The name of the series derives its name from the term Magnetic Vector potential a vector field in classical electromagnetics. The mission of VectMag Conference series is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of latest research in science, technology, finance, economics, humanities and management​. 

Publishing Partners & Policies

VectMag platform engages and partners with reputed publishers to disseminate and publish the research that is presented through its conferences. The publishing partners sends the published articles for SCOPUS and SCI indexing through their direct channel. Neither publisher nor VectMag platform has any control over the indexing process, the indexing decision is taken by the indexing agencies on article-to-article basis that satisfies the regulations. The average time taken for SCOPUS to index the published content is about 3 months. Neither Publisher nor VectMag platform is responsible for the final outcome, the partnership only provides the authors with a window of opportunity to publish high-quality content that is considered for indexing by SCOPUS and SCI.

Quality Assurance & Compliance Policies

VectMag platform has built an internal team of editors (ITE) who primary role is to ensure compliance of received manuscripts to the regulations established by COPE, SCOPUS and SCI. The ITE will spend time to ensure the following quality checks:

  • Templates: Compliance of manuscript to the prescribed formatting guidelines.

  • Quality of images- Check for scientific merit of the images, compliance to image resolution norms of 300 DPI, Check for potential plagiarism/copyright violations. Find out more

  • Plagiarism & identification of tortured phrases within the submitted manuscript. Find out more

  • Grammatical structure of the submitted manuscript.

  • Politically neutral Articles.

  • Self-Citation Check.

  • Objectivity Check

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