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Winners of Manuscript Writing Competition – 2023

We are glad to announce the names of the winners of the Manuscript writing competition.

1st prize

Title - "Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence"

Chaitra Ballal, Anthony Fernandas, Ravi Tej, (Department of computer Science, Amity University)

2st prize

Title - "The Influence of Payment Frequency on Consumer Expenditure and Personal Wealth Perception"

Anitha Choudhary, Harish Raj, Santhosh Pai, (Department of Management, CHRIST)

3rd prize

Title - "Exploring Doggybone™ DNA Technology: A Novel Approach to Vaccination"

Venkataraman subramanya, Pawan Reddy, Shwetha Aggarwal, (Department of Life Sciences, Carmel)


1. Title - "Recent Technological Innovations in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing"

Sandeep Mishra, Chandhan Shetty, Divya Pai, Anantha Ramakrishna (Department of Pharmacology, Jain University.

2. Title - "Multiculturalism and its Institutional Impact on Shaping Ethnic Consumer Identities Beyond Acculturation"

Manali Sharma, Dileep Shetty, Suneel RT, Gangadhar Hegde, (Department of Humanities, Amity)

3. Title – “Impostor Syndrome in the Context of Luxury Consumption and its disadvantage"

Fidona D’souza, Keshav Reddy, Sumanth JK, Manjuvani TM (Department of Mangement, SRM)

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