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Update on the publications of the first ISC 2022 (formerly ICTSGA-1)

Dear Authors of ISC 2022 (formerly ICTSGA-1):

Please refer below details as requested. eBook ISBN and DOI will take some time to get live on web search. Author may refer to the details below in case they have to show in their performance/work. The DOI will be reflected on Google in about 96-120 hours.

Publisher: CRC Press Engineering, Science, and Sustainability: Advancements in Technology and Techniques PB 9781032484235 EB 9781003388982 DOI 10.4324/9781003388982

Publisher: Routledge Emerging Trends and Innovations in Industries of the Developing World: A Multidisciplinary Approach PB 9781032601038 EB 9781003457602 DOI 10.4324/9781003457602 Publisher: Routledge

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Development: Achieving the SDGs through Education, Wellbeing, and Innovation PB 9781032601045 EB 9781003457619 DOI 10.4324/9781003457619 Final e-book will be published on 26th May 2023 and will be made available to you.

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