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Special issue: SCOPUS Indexed Journals

Dear VectMag Community:

We bring to you some exciting news on the special issues. Sometime ago we declared special issues. We received many queries from authors and here we try to address the frequently asked questions

Please note that this is applicable only for this special issue.

Q1: Can Computer Sciences and Engineering researchers publish their article in this?
Answer: The answer is a yes, as long as there is a good overlap with special issue journals, there is a possibility to do so.

Notable examples:

Journal: Key Engineering Materials
Accepts articles that overlap in CSE and manufacturing. Notable examples of such articles here:

1. Article Title: Research on Mass Manufacturing Resource Sensory Data Management Based on Hadoop

2. Article Title: A Computer-Aided Approach to Undergraduate Engineering Education

3. Article Title: Improved Learning Algorithm Based on Semi-Supervised Support Vector

4. Article Title: Modeling of Stochastic Von Neumann Model of Mobile Service

5. Article Title: Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Based on Region-Split and Graph Cut

6. Article Title: Study on Data Mining System Multi-Task Scheduling Method Based on Precedence Constraints

7. Article Title: α-Cost Minimization Model of Grain Supply Chain

8. Framework for Building Web Sites with Microsoft’s .NET Technology

9. Research on Random Walk Rough Matching Algorithm of Attribute Sub-Graph

Q2: Can Electrical/Electronics/ RF -Antenna Engineering researchers publish their article in this?
The answer is a yes, as long as there is a good overlap with special issue journals, there is a possibility to do so.
Journal: Materials Science Forum

1. Article Title: Design and Implementation of a Practical Learning Methodology for the Control and Programming of a Flexible Manufacturing Cell

2. Article title: An Integrated Methodology for the Teaching of Computer Aided Tools for Automated Machining

3. Article Title: About the Importance of Simulation Tools in the Learning Process of Metal Forming and Moulding

4. Article Title: Development of a Virtual Machine for the Sheet Metal Bending Process Simulation for Educational Purposes

5. Article Title: Free-Software Development in Computer Science Education for Interface Representation in Casting Processes

6. Learning Strategies for Deep-Drawing Processes in the European Higher Education Area Context

7. Article Title: A Three-Element Handheld Mobile Communication Antenna for Desired Signal Reception and Reflected Signal Cancellation

8. Article Title: Impact of Graphene Thickness on EM Modelling of Antenna

9. Research on XML-Based Database Integration for Collaborative Design and Manufacture of Space Antenna

10. Article Title: Study on One Kind of Antenna Radomes Materials Numerical Algorithm Simulation Based on DBEM

11. Article Title: Design of a Deployable Antenna Actuated by Shape Memory Alloy Hinge

12. Article Title: Ka Band RF Front-End Design

13. Article Title: Technical Problems for Core Loss Reduction of High-Speed Motor

14. Article Title: Geometric Study of Space Motor and Power Assist Leg Motor

15. Article Title: Thermal Curable Silver Conducting Paste Used for the Preparation of the Tag Antenna Coils of the Radio Frequency Identification

16. Article Title: HTSC Synchronous Condenser for Wind Power Plant

17 Article Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues in Electric Vehicle Applications

Q3: Can Pharmacy and Lifesciences Researchers Publish?
Answer: The answer is a yes, as long as there is a good overlap with special issue journals, there is a possibility to do so.


1. Article Title: Synergistic Anticancer Activity of Cinnamon Bark Oil and Imatinib Mesylate Combination on Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines

2. Article Title: Inorganic Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials Based on Titanium (Ti): Applications in Medicine

3. Article Title: Recent Advance in Synthesis and Application of Inorganic Glyconanoparticles as Bio-Therapeutics and Diagnostics Agents

4. A Novel Sonochemical Synthesis of Metal Oxides Based Bhasmas

5. Recent Advances on Chitosan-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and their Biological Application

6. Gold Nanotubes from Organic Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications

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