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[SCOPUS Journal] Special Issue Publishing Opportunity

Advancements in AI and Emerging Technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

In recent years, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) with electrical and electronics engineering has ushered in a new era of innovation and transformative solutions. This special issue seeks to delve into the rich landscape of AI applications within the realm of electrical and electronics engineering, aiming to explore and showcase the myriad ways in which AI is revolutionizing traditional practices and shaping the future of the field.

The integration of AI techniques and methodologies holds immense potential for enhancing various aspects of electrical and electronics engineering. From intelligent control systems to power electronics, embedded systems, and beyond, researchers and practitioners are leveraging AI to tackle complex challenges and drive advancements across multiple domains. This special issue provides a platform to delve into these developments, offering insights into the latest trends, methodologies, and applications at the intersection of AI and electrical engineering.

Within the scope of this special issue, contributors are encouraged to explore diverse themes and topics. From the optimization of power systems and smart grids to the design of AI-enabled hardware devices and innovative software solutions, the breadth of possibilities is vast. Moreover, the application of AI in emerging areas such as renewable energy integration, blockchain-enabled communications, digital image processing, and embedded systems presents exciting opportunities for further exploration and discovery.

By bringing together researchers, academicians, and industry experts, this special issue aims to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and dissemination of knowledge. Through high-quality contributions and rigorous research, we seek to advance our understanding of AI in electrical and electronics engineering, paving the way for future breakthroughs and advancements. Ultimately, this special issue serves as a testament to the profound impact of AI on the evolution of electrical and electronics engineering, highlighting its role as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the field.

We invite researchers and practitioners to join us in this endeavor, as we embark on a journey to explore the frontiers of AI-driven advancements in electrical and electronics engineering.

Topics of Interest

  • Intelligent Control Systems and Power Electronic

  • Embedded Systems and Smart Grids

  • AI-Enabled Hardware Applications

  • Innovative Solutions for AI Implementation

  • Computer and AI Applications in the Power Industry

  • Blockchain for Secured Communications in IoT, 5G, and 6G

  • AI in Digital Image Processing and Embedded Systems

Article Processing Charges

All papers submitted to Special Issues are subject to an Article Processing Charge (APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review.

For more details on article processing charges, please contact:

Lead Guest Editor

Dr. Sai Kiran OrugantiTechnology Innovation Hub, Indian Institute o Technology Patna

Email: Saikiran.oruganti@gmail.comSpecialization: Wireless Power Transfer(WPT) for applications- Internet of Things(IoT) device charging, Electric Vehicle Charging.

Guest Editor#1

Dr. Asif Ekbal Dept of CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Patna

Email: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Application.

Guest Editor#2

Prof.Dr. Dimitrios A KarrasNational & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Greece

Specialization: Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Wireless Communications, Signal and Image Processing, Multiagent Systems

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis till deadline for submission.

To submit, query send mail to or associated guest editor's email.

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