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[PAMIR-1] SCITEPress Author proofs released

The PAMIR 1 's proceedings copies have been released to the organizers.

PAMIR_2023 final book
Download PDF • 52.02MB


1. Citations, Contents and other aspects of the Manuscript cannot be changed anymore. 

2. Only Author Name corrections, Affiliations and Email ID corrections can be done.

3.  It is not allowed to add Authors or change the affiliations of Authors, as it is viewed as an unethical practice.

4. It is mandatory to provide corresponding author email ID's

5. If there are missing images or tables then you should mention them clearly

In case of doubts contact Subject Line: PAMIR 1 corrections

Author Action Items:

All corrections must be entered in the following google form before 21st March 2024 23:59 Hours Uzbek time or 00:29 Hours IST). After the deadline no correspondence regarding corrections shall be entertained.

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