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Meet the Keynote Speaker-Dr. Erkol Bayram

Dr. Erkol Bayram

Currently an Associate Professor in the School of tourism and hotel management, department of tour guiding, University of Sinop, Sinop, Turkey. Dr. Erkol Bayram has worked as an internal trainer and teacher in the tour guiding arena. Her doctorate is in Tourism Management from the Sakarya University, Turkey, and she completed her dissertation research on Tour Guiding in Turkey. Her core subjects are Tourism, tour guiding, tourism policy and Planning, women studies. Erkol Bayram has also worked as a professional tour guide in the tourism sector. The editor has many book chapters in the international arena and published her books as an editor in the national arena. She has edited a book edited on Tour Guiding- Past, Present, Future under Detay Publishing, Turkey, Women and Tourism under Detay Publishing, Turkey. Also, She has published a book named Dynamics of Tourism Industry: Post Pandemics and Disasters under Apple Academic Press (CRC Press a Taylor and Francis Group). Currently, she is working on Edited book named Resilient and Sustainable Destinations after Disaster: Challenges and Strategies under Emerald Publishing. She also has many book chapters under Emerald, CABI, IGI Global also. She has been invited for many talks/lectures/ panel discussions by different Universities like University of Mumbai, Indıa, International Multidisciplinary Conference, College for Women, Parade Ground, Jammu Indıa, International Faculty Development Programme, International Digital Conference 2021 on Curriculum 4.0., Jagdish Sheth School of Management and University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Alhamd Conference on Education, Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, etc. The government of Indıa has invited her to deliver a talk on Tour Guiding and the University of Kota about a career in tourism, Taylor's University on Tour Guiding. Dr. Erkol Bayram special guest, guest of honour to many conferences, organizations. She got awarded from several organizations. Erkol Bayram has also worked as a professional tour guide in Turkey.

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