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Meet the Editorial Committee- Dr. Rosa Elia Martinez

VectMag community welcomes Dr. Rosa Elia Martinez as the editorial committee member.

Dr. ROSA ELIA MARTÍNEZ is a distinguished professional with an extensive background in management and quality sciences. Born in birthplace , Dr. MARTÍNEZ pursued higher education at the prestigious University of Social Sciences in Lodz, Poland, where they earned a Doctorate in Management and Quality Sciences.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. MARTÍNEZ achieved remarkable academic milestones, obtaining a Master's degree in Education from UCEM and a Master's degree in Administrative Engineering from ITCM, specializing in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering at ITESM. These educational achievements laid a strong foundation for their future career.

Dr. MARTÍNEZ 's professional profile reflects their expertise in industrial and systems engineering. They have dedicated their career to the field of engineering within Mexico's National Technological System, specifically as a full-time professor at TecNM/ITSLP. In this role, Dr. MARTÍNEZ has taught various technical and specialty areas, focusing on quality and productivity, as well as logistics. They have also been actively involved in the development and updating of specialty modules and academic programs, and have served as an advisor on technological innovation projects.

Furthermore, Dr. MARTÍNEZ has played a vital role as a quality auditor, actively participating in both public and private organizations. Their contributions have greatly impacted these entities by ensuring adherence to quality standards and fostering continuous improvement.

In addition to their professional endeavors, Dr. MARTÍNEZ has made significant contributions to the academic community. They have copyrighted original works and published numerous articles in prestigious indexed and refereed journals. Their research has also been featured in collective research books, further establishing their authority in the field. Their exceptional achievements have earned them recognition from the Teacher Professional Development Program, acknowledging their desirable profile as an educator.

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