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Detailed Instructions on Manuscript Preparation and Addressing Peer Review Comments

This newsletter's aim is to provide authors of VectMag conferences with a functional guidance on manuscript preparation, addressing peer review comments, and files that you would need to complete the processes.

Proceedings: For proceedings always keep the following things in mind:

  1. Introductions should be limited to the very first page.

  2. Literature review to be kept short and relevant to the idea of your article.

  3. Focus on the central theme of article from the beginning.

  4. References should be limited to 10.

  5. No more than 3 self citations.

A detailed tutorial is here

Tip 1: Always type your manuscript in the template provided by the conference organizing committee.

You can write your manuscript in any word document and later copy and paste the contents into the template. When you paste the text, it is important that you use the option "keep text only" (see Figure 1 below). This step will ensure that the formatting guidelines in the template provided by the publisher are always maintained.

Figure 1. Use the keep text only option on word environment in the template

Tip 2: Tables & Figures

It has often been found that authors tend to use screenshots from their presentations in place of tables. This practice is highly discouraged and leads to delays in the publication process. See Figure 2, where the proper method of including tables is shown directly in the provided template.

Figure 2. Use the table option in the native word environment. Never use screenshots.

In addition, always try to use the fit content option to ensure the text inside the tables is preserved. Please refer to this useful learning resource from youtube or the Video tutorial below.

Video tutorial: Tables

Tip 3- Figures and text within them: Many authors have found it difficult to comply with the figure requirements of the publisher. Here are some useful ways to get around this issue

Figure 3. Make sure that the smallest text in the plots/figures is as large as the rest of the text in the figure caption provided in the template.

Tip 4: Use composite figures

It has been observed that a lot of times the authors tend to use too many small figures in their submissions. This occupies a lot of pages and creates a formatting nightmare scenario. The figure 4 shows the example of a composite figure.

Figure 4. Example of a composite figure.


Routledge and CRC Template

HMSS 2023 Conference - Page Limit 5

Word_Sample_template_7 x10_2_column (7)
Download DOCX • 790KB

SCITEPress Template

AI4IoT and other Science & Engineering Conferences Page limit 8

Download DOCX • 50KB

Author response Sheet to Reviewers

Authors are required to upload this while addressing the reviewer comments while submitting their revised manuscript.

Author Response Sheet
Download DOCX • 15KB

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