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Book Covers of IAC 2023


2. Advancements in Business for Integrating Diversity, and Sustainability

ISBN 978-1-032-70828-7

3.Integrating Advancements in Education, and Society for Achieving Sustainability

ISBN 978-1-032-70841-6

We're thrilled to announce the release of the proceedings books from the First International Analytics Conference 2023! Dedicated to solving societal problems through advancements in science, technology, business, and social realms, IAC 2023 was a beacon of insight and innovation.

The conference focused on a wide array of crucial areas, from technology development to societal policies, digital forensics, and beyond. The invaluable insights shared during the event have been compiled into comprehensive proceedings books, offering a treasure trove of knowledge and solutions.

The covers of these seminal works reflect the diversity and depth of topics covered, encapsulating the mission and vision of IAC 2023.

The vision of the conference was to equip society, science, and technology with insights that foster an in-depth analysis of accumulated human knowledge, aiming to address pressing societal issues. This mission was achieved by creating a seamless ecosystem for interdisciplinary collaboration and leveraging the potential of cyber-physical systems, human-tech interactions, and environmental harmony.

The published concepts within these proceedings offer a roadmap for researchers, industry professionals, and stakeholders to engage in a comprehensive analysis, paving the way for solutions to the challenges faced by our society.

These books are a testament to the dedication and collaboration of scholars, industry experts, and visionaries who contributed to making IAC 2023 a resounding success.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making IAC 2023 a milestone event. Let's continue to analyze, innovate, and shape a better future together.

Status: Hard copies have been published and in transit to our office. The e-book version is due to be published in 45 days time.

Authors should contact us at to receive the author copies.

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