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Announcement: ICSST 2023 Programme


The First International Conference on Sustainable Societies, Science and Technology (ICSST 2023) is a pioneering virtual event scheduled to be held on 29th and 30th July 2023. With a primary focus on the streams of Humani science and technology, the conference aims to gather leading researchers, scientists, engineers, technologists, and industry experts to exchange knowledge, present cutting-edge research, and explore innovative solutions in the realm of sustainability.

Under the overarching theme of "Advancing Sustainable Science and Technology for a Resilient Future," ICSST 2023 seeks to showcase the significant role that scientific and technological advancements play in driving sustainable development. The conference tracks are carefully curated to address key challenges and opportunities in various domains where science and technology can contribute to a resilient and sustainable future.

Conference Tracks:

  1. Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies- This track focuses on the latest developments and breakthroughs in renewable energy sources, energy-efficient technologies, smart grids, energy storage systems, and sustainable transportation.

  2. Environmental Science and Engineering- Addressing environmental challenges, this track encompasses research on pollution control, air and water quality monitoring, waste treatment and management, environmental modeling, and ecosystem restoration.

  3. Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing- Exploring the development of sustainable materials, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, circular economy practices, resource efficiency, and life cycle analysis.

  4. Green Chemistry and Sustainable Processes This track emphasizes the advancement of green chemistry principles, sustainable synthesis methods, waste reduction, bio-based materials, and environmentally friendly chemical processes.

  5. Water and Sanitation Technology- Highlighting sustainable water management, wastewater treatment, desalination technologies, water purification methods, and access to clean water and sanitation in both urban and rural areas.

  6. Smart systems, Cities and Urban Technology- Examining the role of technology in creating smart and sustainable cities, including smart infrastructure, urban mobility, intelligent transportation systems, efficient waste management, and resilient urban planning.

By focusing exclusively on science and technology streams, ICSST 2023 aims to foster an environment conducive to in-depth discussions, collaborations, and knowledge sharing among experts in these domains. The conference endeavors to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable science and technology solutions to address global challenges, promote sustainable practices, and pave the way towards a resilient future.

Note- The conference is not open for all and the participations are strictly by invitation of the chairs only.

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