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International Congress on Renaissance Sports 2024

February 7-11, 2024 | Online | Worldwide


National College, Tiruchirapalli- India


The International Congress on Renaissance Sports 2024 is set to be a groundbreaking event, centering on the Strategies, Challenges, and Choices within the renaissance of modern sports. This unique gathering is designed to unite scientists, sports professionals, decision-makers, and executives from around the world, fostering a collaborative environment to share research approaches, methods, and results that will shape the future of sports. With a focus on identifying adaptable and observable improvements, the Congress aims to analyze strategies for the effective implementation of transformative changes that directly impact the world of sports. The exchange of insights and experiences among participants will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in the contemporary sports landscape and the choices available for its renaissance.

Delegates will engage in discussions about cutting-edge research, exploring innovative strategies, and addressing the evolving landscape of sports. The Congress provides a platform for the dissemination of knowledge, offering participants the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives and experiences. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and collaborative workshops, the Congress seeks to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue, inspiring strategies that will shape the future of modern sports. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights, forging meaningful connections, and contributing to the ongoing renaissance of sports on a global scale. The International Congress on Renaissance Sports 2024 is a pivotal moment for those invested in the evolution of sports, promising a vibrant exchange of ideas and a platform for catalyzing positive changes in the sporting world.



Established in 1919, National College, Tiruchirapalli, stands as a venerable institution dedicated to promoting Indian culture and nationalism. Originally offering intermediate courses, it achieved First Grade College status in 1924. Commemorating milestones like the Golden Jubilee in 1969, Diamond Jubilee in 1980-81, Platinum Jubilee in 1995, and the grand Centenary Year celebration in 2020, the College transitioned to its present campus in 1959. Adapting to evolving educational needs, it introduced the National Evening College in 1978, later embracing unaided programs and co-education. Accredited 'A+' by NAAC and granted autonomy by the UGC, the College is recognized as a 'College with Potential for Excellence.' Additionally, the institution releases an annual journal Health Fitness and Sports Science ISSN 2320-5202, contributing to scholarly discourse and upholding its commitment to academic excellence. Bolstered by dedicated faculty, non-teaching staff, and a substantial student body, National College continues its legacy of providing quality education and fostering social upliftment.

Dr. P. Geetha
Principal, KPRCAS
Dr. Bijayalaxmi Nanda Principal, Miranda House

Dr. K. Kumuthadevi Dean, School of Commerce KPRCAS Coimbatore
Dr. Nandini Dutta Bursar, Miranda House & Associate Professor Department of Economics Miranda House, New Delhi.

Organizing Secretaries
Dr. M.Sekar
Associate Professor & Head, Department of Commerce (CA)
Dr. K.Jothi Associate Professor & Head, Department of Commerce (E.Com)
Prof. Bashabi Gupta Professor, Department of Geography, Miranda House
Dr. Sujata Sengupta Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Miranda House.

Dr.R.Sangeetha Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce (CA)
Dr.S.Thanga Helina Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce (CA)
Dr. N.Saranya Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce (E.Com) Dr.R.Nithya, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
Co-ordinating Committee
Dr. V.Vinodhini
, Associate Professor of Commerce (E.Com]
Dr.S.Monica, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA]
Mr.N.T.Anshad, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
Dr. K. Dhilip Kumar, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. M.Amsaveni, Assistant Professor of Commerce (E.Com]
Ms. V.Pradeepaa, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
Dr.K.Abinaya, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
Ms.V.Santhi Krishna, Assistant Professor of Commerce (CA)
Organizing Committee
Dr. A. Shanthi
, Associate Professor & Head, B.Com
Dr. D. Karthika, Associate Professor & Head, B.Com PA
Dr G. Vengatesan, Associate Professor & Head, B.Com BA
Dr. C. Balakrishnan, Associate Professor & Head, B.Com B&l
Dr. G. Sethuraman, Associate Professor & Head, B.Com IT

Student Coordinators
Sumaiya Z, Ill B.Com
CA Monisha §, III B.Com CA
Yuvan Sanjay, III B.Com E.Com
Anusuya M R, II B.Com CA
Pradeep S, II B.Com CA Koushika, II B.Com E.Com

For Conference related enquiry - assistance contact Co-ordinators
Dr. S. Thanga Helina © 88702 89243
Dr. N. Saranya © 98942 11914, 97881 20370
Society Partner
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SPAST Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization

Conference Themes

Digital Banking, Hyperautomation, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Technology, Data Analytics and Big Data, Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention, Internet of Things (loT), DevOps and Automation, Biometric Authentication, RegTech, Open Banking.

Financial Technology, Risk Management Strategies, Bank Restructuring, Electronic Banking, Neo-banking Services, Global Finance, Healthcare Financing, Financial Sustainability, Emerging Financial Systems, Financial Aid Education Programs, Machine Learning Algorithms in Financial Asset Prices, Cryptocurrency, Behavioural Finance, Effectiveness of Microfinance Institutions, Green Finance, Social Innovation in Finance & Accounting, Sustainable Accounting and Financing,
Recent Trends.

Macroeconomic headwinds, Insurtech, ESG and sustainability, Operational resilience, M&A activity, Closed book sales, Digital
transformation and data management.

Other related topics in the domain of Commerce 
Data-Driven Approach and Future Technologies Applications of Business Intelligence and Analytics Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Emerging Technologies and Applications Business Intelligence Cycle Drivers of Digital Transformation, Security and Privacy Issues Information Technology, Management Data Governance in Business Intelligence and  Analytics- Big Data Analytics Industry 4.0.

Conference Fee

Students 250 INR

Included in the Fee

- Oral Presentation
- Conference Sessions

- Workshop

Research Scholars 300 INR

Included in the Fee

- Oral Presentation
- Conference Sessions

- Workshop

Faculty 350

Included in the Fee

- Oral Presentation
- Conference Sessions

- Workshop

Foreign Delegates 1000 INR

Included in the Fee

- Oral Presentation
- Conference Sessions

- Workshop

Corporate/Industry 400 INR

Included in the Fee

- Oral Presentation
- Conference Sessions

- Workshop


Peer Review Policy:

All VectMag conferences follow a stringent multi-round peer-review process, akin to scholarly journals. This characteristic has been acknowledged by our publishing partners, as evidenced by our comprehensive peer-review data submissions spanning our previous nine conferences.


Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Reviewers

Scopus has very clear set of guidelines for indexing and most people forget some basic requirements:


Essential Requirements

  1. Formatting should adhere to the guidelines provided by the organizer/publisher. The Organizers have assigned an internal team for formatting corrections.

  2. Image quality: Images should not be copied, under copyright, or taken from other papers as screenshots.

  3. Grammar: Corrections can be made internally. The Organizers have assigned an internal team for Grammar corrections.

  4. Author affiliations and email IDs should be accurate and functional at the time of indexing.

  5. Citations: A maximum of three self-citations is allowed.

  6. No politically sensitive articles, advertisements for a particular ideology, politician/individual, or political party.

  7. Scientific accuracy: Manuscripts with incorrect logic or scientifically unfounded claims will be rejected.

  8. Manuscripts must be relevant to the conference theme/scope; otherwise, they will not be considered.


Plagiarism Report:

  1. Ensure that the similarity index, excluding references, does not exceed 10%.

  2. Use either iThenticate or Turnitin software exclusively.

Review Quality and Diversity:

1. "At least 2 reviewers are needed."
2. "Both reviewers should be from two different organizations."
3. "All reviewers and authors should be from different organizations."


Review Comments

  1. Comments should be contextual.

  2. Comments should be actionable, and upon reading, authors should know what they need to do to improve the quality of the article.

  3. Avoid citation comments as much as possible. Only ask authors to cite references that are relevant to the article.

  4. Avoid single-line comments or no comments (e.g., Accept, Reject, good paper, Accept, bad paper, reject, etc.). Instead, provide proper reasoning for accepting or rejecting the paper.

  5. Providing relevant comments to improve a manuscript is a good review practice. Cover the following sections of the paper:

    a. Abstract: Comment on the abstract.

    b. Introduction: Comment on the introduction.

    c. Method/Proposed idea: Provide comments if you agree or disagree and suggest improvements to enhance the paper.

    d. Experiments & Results: Provide comments if you agree or disagree and suggest improvements to this section.

    e. Conclusions: Conclusions should align with the abstract and introduction based on experiments and outcomes.

    f. References: Comment on the relevance of references to the article; check for self-citation, ensuring authors have not cited more than three of their own articles.


Reviewer Details

All reviewers must mention their ORCID ( please go to your profile on seas transactions and add ORCID)

Program (Tentative)
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